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South part

Day 1, Activity Drive to Dorzy village

  • On the way stop on the great landscapes of south Ethiopia for
  • And after we get there visit Dorzy village, This people set high up in the Gughe Mountains where we see the traditional Dorze beehive shaped huts recognized as one of the visually attractive structural houses by the UNESCO
  • Overnight in Dorzy guesthouse

Day 2, Activity Drive to Jinka

  • In the morning photo-shoot at the great tow lakes view point in Gughe Mountain and drive to Arba Minch and take a boat trip on Lake Chamo, to visit the crocodile market and we will see hippos and some of the largest crocodiles in Africa and also different kind of birds.
  • After the boat trip, drive south to Jinka, on the way stops at the great view points.
  • Overnight Hotel in Jinka

Day 3, Activity Visit Mursi villages

  • Early in the morning before sunrise drive to Mursi village these tribes are a minority people living in the Lower Omo Valley. The women in this tribe are known for a big clay plate they put in their lips for decoration, whereas the men are known for the different patterns they paint on their body for decoration and we will take you guys to the real village and you can take your time taking pictures.
  • After Mursi village come back to Jinka
  • Overnight hotel in Jinka

Day 4, Activity Keyafe Market and drive to Turmi

  • In the Morning drive to drive to the Beena tribes home town Keyafer and before the market start we will visit one of the Beena tribes village around Keyafe and you will take your time taking pictures.
  • In the Afternoon we will visit Keyafer market, here you will find Beena, Hamer, Ari and Tsemay tribes buying and selling their goods, this open air market will be good chance to get great photo shoots.
  • After the market drive to Turmi.
  • Overnight Lodge in Turmi

Day 5, Activity Driveto Kara Village

  • Early in the morning drive to Kara village, this tribes are know by their living style on tight next to the great OMO river, and this tribes are one of the photogenic tribes in Omo valley and you will enjoy the village
  • After Kare village drive back to Turmi
  • Overnight Lodge in Turmi

Day 6, Activity Visit Hamer market in Dimaka

  • In Sunrise photographing in One of Hamer tribes village
  • In the afternoon visit Drive to Demka day, here we will visit the colorful market and maybe on this day we can find one of most unique event of bull jumping- a ceremony when a boy is pronounced “man” after proving his capacity to jump 5 up to 13 cattle’s stand in a row.
  • The day includes a special event in which a woman shows her appreciation for the bride groom by letting the boys whip them with a stick until they bleed. At night the day is called off after a colorful party with Evan Gady dance (night dance).
  • Overnight Lodge in Turmi

Day 7, Activity Drive to Hawassa

  • In the morning drive to Hawassa it will log drive but we will stop at viewpoints and for relaxing.
  • Overnight Hotel in Hawassa

Day 8, Activity drive to Awash

  • After breakfast visit the fish Market at Lake Hawassa
  • We will drive to Awash on the way stop over lake Langabo at one of the good lodges called Sabana, relax and have lunch.
  • Overnight lodge in Awash National park

East part

Day 01, Activity Drive to Semera

  • In the morning drive around the national park to see some wild animals and walk around the Awash Falls
  • After the visit Drive to Semera on the way admire the rift valley scenery
  • Overnight Camping in Semera (local House)

Day 02, Activity Drive to Afrera

  • After breakfast drive to Afrera late afternoon we will be there then visit Lake Afrera, swim if you want too, enjoying the hot spring and its surrounding salt farms.
  • Overnight Camping in Afrera

Day 03, Activity Day Drive to and walk to Ert-Ale

  • After breakfast drive to Dodome village arrives at base camp in the afternoon, late afternoon prepare camel and necessary logistic for the climbing which will approximately take 3-4 hours.
  • Climb up Ert-Ale active volcanic mountain evening arrival take a rest and then visiting the astonishing volcanic outbreak.
  • Overnight camping (sleepover) in Ert-Ale

Day 04, Activity walk back to Dodome and Drive to Hammed Ella

  • Early in the Morning back to Dodome village base camp meet the jeeps to drive to Hammed Ella village.
  • On the way admirer he beautiful afar lowland view
  • Overnight camping (local House) in Hammed Ella

Day 05, Activity Excursion to Dallol and Dand drive to Mekelle

  • Early in the morning Excursion to Dallol on the way visits Lake Asale known for its Rock Salt and thousands of camel caravans and farther visit Dallol one of the lowest place on earth (128 meter below sea level) surrounded with different color combination mineral floating on the ice colored rock salt.
  • Overnight camping (local House) in Hammed Ella

Day 06, Activity Visit the camel caravan and the Lake Asale and drive to Mekelle

  • Early in the Morning Excursion Lake Asale and the Amazing camel caravan that the Afar tribes are known for.
  • After the visit drive back to Mekelle
  • Overnight Hotel in Mekelle

Day 07, Activity Drive to Kombolcha

  • In the Morning After breakfast start driving to Kombolcha via Weldiy and Dessie and just enjoying the scenery.
  • Overnight Hotel In Kombolcha

Day 08, Activity Drive to Addis

  • After breakfast start driving to Addis via Kemise, and Debre Birhan to Addis
  • On the way enjoying the scenery.
  • Overnight in Addis Ababa

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