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Hamerland is the best way to travel ethiopia

Nibret and Hammerland tours gave us the best exprience in Ethiopia. we travel with him for almost a week in south Ethiopia in the Denkil desert, the Arte-Ale volcanno and the Tribes in Arba minch and all around omo valley.
Nibret is a local guy who knows all about the tribes, he knows all the good places to go, fluent english speaker and a funny charming guy. if you want to travel well in Ethiopia travel with Hamerland and Nibret.

Eilat, Israel

Make your stay in Ethiopia over any expectations

We were so delighted to have a tour, prepared by Hamerland Tours. We even couldn't expect that our 16 days trip around Ehiopia would be organised so high and perfect. Tour guides were very careful with us and helped with everything.
Special thanks I would like to say to Nibret, who prepared for us the whole tour and was with us for couple of days in the south.
We've spent a great time during Genna (Ethiopian Christmas) in Lalibela. It was supersave despite of thousand people.
Everywhere we've been - everything was organised perfect!

Moscow, Russia

Amazing private tour in Southern Ethiopia

We started this three day tour in Arba Minch, after a short flight from Addis, by visiting Dorze and Chencha. Strongly recommend visiting Chencha on Saturday (market day).
A tough part of the tour started with a long, ten hour drive to Jinka via Konso. Thanks to the experienced, very knowledgeable and kind driver, Girma, the trip was a real joy. Girma was exceptionally helpful when we visited Mursi village.
When it comes to hotel accommodation, Jinka does not give you too many options and you have to accept a basic, rudimentary, accommodation. But knowing that you are in an amazing country among amazing people accommodation becomes much less important. Treat yourself by spending at least couple of days at the end of a tour, e.g. Haile Resort in Arba Minch, before you leave the area and head back home.
Being frequent users of private tours, we can only conclude that Nibret's Hamerland was one of the best. It was organised very professionally, and we strongly recommend it since you need reliable individuals to take care of your trip through a demanding area.
Well done Nibret.
Vladimir J
Brussels, Belgium